Bakker, Rigter & Lonterman criminal defence lawyers

The attorneys at Bakker, Rigter & Lonterman are criminal defence lawyers pur sang.

If you need someone to defend you in criminal proceedings, you’ve come to the right place. And the same goes, of course, for punitive orders and settlement penalty (TOM) sessions. Our expertise also extends to matters that share common ground with criminal law, such as hospital orders, prison law, juvenile law and social security law, etc.

At all judicial levels and throughout the entire country, at District Courts, Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court of the Netherlands (cassation), we’ll defend just one person’s interests: yours.

The firm’s structure comprises the partnership Bakker & Lonterman, together with associates mr. Ivo Rigter (since 2012) and mr. Ronald Pot (since 2015) on an independent, cost-sharing basis.

International criminal law
If you’ve been convicted abroad or are wanted for criminal proceedings, you’ll be placed on an international wanted list. If you are subsequently caught in the Netherlands, the Netherlands will receive an extradition request or a surrender request.

In the proceedings that follow, the Dutch District Court has to give permission for this extradition or surrender. The judge may refuse to do so, for example if the European arrest warrant (EAW) does not comply with all requirements (was the convicted person indeed present at the trial and are there guarantees regarding a retrial?), or if there are humanitarian reasons for the refusal.

As well as dealing with extradition and surrender matters, we also represent clients who are transferred to the Netherlands to stand trial or to serve their sentence. These are cases under the Enforcement of Criminal Judgments (Transfer) Act (WOTS) and the Measures Involving Deprivation of Liberty and Conditional Penalties (Mutual Recognition and Enforcement) Act (WETS).

Finally, witnesses in foreign criminal proceedings are also welcome to approach us for legal representation.